Past Performances

The Yellow Wallpaper

An Adaptation by Greg Oliver Bodine

Photo courtesy of the Going Dutch Festival by Doug Hanson



April 2019: Elgin Art Showcase & Stage 773

June 2019: Side Street Studio Arts, Going Dutch Festival

Directors' Note:

Rachel Stevens
Charlotte Perkins Gilman came from a time when mental health concerns- especially in women- were reduced to “you’re crazy, lie down about it”. She wrote from a heart-wrenching experience in her own life, putting her career and her reputation on the line by telling a truth that so many women couldn’t tell, and trailblazing mental health conversations for decades to come (to my understanding, this story is still widely taught in curricula ranging from high school to medical school). As a woman in the twenty-first century struggling with mental illness- a much more acceptable thing now- this story touches me deeply. It is between the struggle to function and the height of psychosis that I see myself played out on the page and onstage in front of me. I find a deeper compassion for myself and my sisters-in-struggle. I feel anger, sympathy, intense passion for this character, and I know you all will, too.
It has been my esteemed honor to work with such a profoundly talented young woman, to say nothing of the stellar crew she assembled herself. I am humbled by her faith in me, by your faith in me, to pull off the staging of one of the most poignant stories ever told. The decisions we made together to tear this story apart and put it back together again were seamless, and this team has made doing the job I love that much more enjoyable, even easy. I do this out of the love and passion I have for the craft, and this production, if nothing else, has taught me a new respect for the job. This is one of the greatest projects I have undertaken so far, and I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of it. Enjoy this masterpiece!

Katrina Syrris
As always, I am humbled and honored to bring another classic to life on stage. Gilman's  triumph and legacy inspire awe and profound gratitude, and I could not be more proud and grateful for the team I've had to bring this show to life. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I could not do any of this without my Goodly team, and the support of my friends and loved ones. Throughout the creation of this staged production of the short story, we have had to delve deep within ourselves to bring Charlotte's story to life, to do justice to her experience, her characters, and to those who have  suffered and triumphed over the status quo for the benefit of future generations.  Gilman's story reminds us all that no matter the struggle, no matter how the tides are turned against us, with the help of our friends, we will prevail.

On behalf of the entire Goodly Creatures Cast and Crew, the playwright, and the original  author, we thank you profoundly for sharing in this experience with us. 


  • Katrina Syrris as Jane


  • Katrina Syrris, Producer & Director

  • Rachel Stevens, Associate Producer & Director

  • Rachel Metcalfe, Stage Manager

  • Cory Knechtges, Crew

  • Ashlynne Ludwig, Costumer

April 2019 & June 2019

Side Street.png

A Review of Shakespeare's Sonnets for Modern Times

An Adaptation by Katrina Syrris


Premier Performance

Elgin Art Showcase & Stage 773

Director's Note:

    Directing this production has been a special treat. What started as a blink of an idea was transformed and brought to life in my ensemble, a group of suburban actors who have long been worthy of a spotlight. Thanks to their fearlessness, dedication, and trust, my ensemble has brought Shakespeare's words from the Renaissance raging into the 21st century. As their director, I could not be more proud, and indeed grateful, for each and every one of them. 
    For you, our patrons, I am exceedingly excited for you to experience my passion project, a work meant to heal our broken hearts with the love that no one else can give, the love that resides within ourselves for ourselves. It's been said before, and I'll say it again, one can only love deeply when love emanates from within us first. In our brief time on this earth, we haven't time to waste on half-hearted, fearful love. We must choose to love deeply, and courageously, if we plan to live at all. And, in our short time to love, no love shared is ever in vain. From everyone we love, we learn. And, every one of those lessons we learn and teach, as Shakespeare so brilliantly illustrates, can in fact last the test of time for far longer than we expect to be here. 
    For these ninety minutes, we experience love together. In the reciprocal relationship that lies between audience and actor, I thank you for sharing yourselves with us.
    "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."


  • Johnny Hohman

  • Ian SamsamiJo

  • Cameron Tucker

  • Amaria Von Dran

  • Aaron Hoge

  • Katrina Plonczynski

  • Joe Guritz

  • Rachel Stevens


  • Erika Knutson, Technical Director

  • Bryce Jonke, Lighting Designer

  • Jason Jakubaitis, Lighting Operator

2019 Elgin Literary Festival Revival

Hosted at the Hemmens Cultural Center, Organized by Side Street Studio Arts

January 2019


  • Johnny Hohman

  • Ian SamsamiJo

  • Cameron Tucker

  • Amaria Von Dran

  • Greg Waldyn

  • Katrina Plonczynski

  • Mikkel Knutson

  • Rachel Stevens


  • Erika Knutson, Technical Director

  • Mitch Holland, Sounder Operator

  • Hemmens Crew, Lighting Operators

July & August, 2018

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