Past Performances

Much Ado About Nothing (In Quarantine)

July & August 2020

By William Shakespeare


Performances Sponsored by the Geneva Cultural Arts Commission and the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission

July-August: City of Geneva Site

August-September: City of Elgin Site, and local Public Access

(Hosted on YouTube)


  • Tom Ochocinski (Leonato)

  • Guy Moore (Antonio)

  • Jayde Al-Angary (Beatrice)

  • Alex Jorn (Hero)

  • Anthony Maggio (Messenger/Watchman)

  • Chris Mau (Don Pedro)

  • Joe Guritz (Don John)

  • John Drea (Benedick)

  • Eunice Ayodele (Balthasar, Original Composer & Singer)

  • Dakota Reed (Borachio)

  • Alex Manuel Teicheira (Conrade)

  • Kelsey Skomer (Margaret)

  • Veronica Martinez (Ursula)

  • Cam Tucker (Dogberry)

  • Devon Ortiz (Verges)

  • Katrina Syrris (Watchman)

  • Andrew Ross (Friar, Sexton)



  • Katrina Syrris, Producer, Director, Post-Production

An Ideal Husband

February 2020

By Oscar Wilde



February 2020: Elgin Art Showcase


  • Greg Waldyn (Robert Chiltern)

  • Valerie DeGroot (Lady Chiltern)

  • Jamie Ewing (Lord Goring)

  • Katie McClatchey (Lady Chevely)

  • Olivia Kaye Losoya (Countess of Basildon, U/S Lady Chiltern)

  • Saraline Singer (Mrs. Marchmont, Assistant Stage Manager)

  • Nate Soesbe (Phipps, Mason, James, Harold)

  • Ryan Yagoda (Vicomte de Nanjac)

  • Tom Viskocil (The Earl of Caversham)

  • Rachel Metcalfe (Mabel Chiltern)

  • Justin Green (Mr. Montford)

  • Rachel Stevens (Director, U/S Countess of Basildon)



  • Rachel Stevens, Director, U/S Countess of Basildon

  • Saraline Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

  • Katrina Syrris, Producer

  • Jack Cannon, Lighting Designer

  • James Syrris (Crew)

Ghosts of Christmas Past (Or, Dickens, Capra and Seuss Walk into a Bar)

December 2019

An Original Comedy by Katrina Syrris ©2019

Photo courtesy of  Victoria Lunacek Photography



December 2019: Elgin Art Showcase


  • Rachel Metcalfe (Nikki)

  • Chris Mau (Dickens)

  • Andrew Ross (Capra)

  • Brian LeFevre (Seuss)



  • Katrina Syrris, Playwright, Producer & Director

  • Rachel Stevens, Associate Producer, Stage Manager

  • Jack Cannon, Lighting Designer

  • James Syrris (Crew)


August, 2019


An Original Adaptation of the Poetic Works of Edgar Allan Poe by Katrina Syrris ©2019


August 2019: Elgin Art Showcase


  • Ben Halder (William)

  • Rachel Stevens (Lenore)

  • Tom Ochocinski (Priest)

  • Katrina Syrris (President)

  • Greg Waldyn (Wilson)

  • Ian Samsami (Thomas)

  • Johnny Hohman (Jacob)

  • Katrina Plonczynski (Lucy)

  • Rachel Metcalfe (Helen)



  • Katrina Syrris, Playwright, Producer & Director

  • Rachel Stevens, Associate Producer

  • Erika Knutson, Technical Director, Stage Manager

  • Jack Cannon, Lighting Designer

  • Ashlynne Ludwig, Costumer


  • Mitch Holland, Lighting Operator

  • Cory Knechtges, Crew

  • Michael Herbold, Crew

  • James Syrris, Crew

The Yellow Wallpaper

April 2019 & June 2019

An Adaptation by Greg Oliver Bodine

Photo courtesy of the Going Dutch Festival by Doug Hanson



April 2019: Elgin Art Showcase & Stage 773

June 2019: Side Street Studio Arts, Going Dutch Festival


  • Katrina Syrris as Jane


  • Katrina Syrris, Producer & Director

  • Rachel Stevens, Associate Producer & Director

  • Rachel Metcalfe, Stage Manager

  • Cory Knechtges, Crew

  • Ashlynne Ludwig, Costumer

A Review of Shakespeare's Sonnets for Modern Times

July & August, 2018

An Adaptation by Katrina Syrris


Premier Performance

Elgin Art Showcase & Stage 773

Director's Note:

    Directing this production has been a special treat. What started as a blink of an idea was transformed and brought to life in my ensemble, a group of suburban actors who have long been worthy of a spotlight. Thanks to their fearlessness, dedication, and trust, my ensemble has brought Shakespeare's words from the Renaissance raging into the 21st century. As their director, I could not be more proud, and indeed grateful, for each and every one of them. 
    For you, our patrons, I am exceedingly excited for you to experience my passion project, a work meant to heal our broken hearts with the love that no one else can give, the love that resides within ourselves for ourselves. It's been said before, and I'll say it again, one can only love deeply when love emanates from within us first. In our brief time on this earth, we haven't time to waste on half-hearted, fearful love. We must choose to love deeply, and courageously, if we plan to live at all. And, in our short time to love, no love shared is ever in vain. From everyone we love, we learn. And, every one of those lessons we learn and teach, as Shakespeare so brilliantly illustrates, can in fact last the test of time for far longer than we expect to be here. 
    For these ninety minutes, we experience love together. In the reciprocal relationship that lies between audience and actor, I thank you for sharing yourselves with us.
    "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."


  • Johnny Hohman

  • Ian SamsamiJo

  • Cameron Tucker

  • Amaria Von Dran

  • Aaron Hoge

  • Katrina Plonczynski

  • Joe Guritz

  • Rachel Stevens


  • Erika Knutson, Technical Director

  • Bryce Jonke, Lighting Designer

  • Jason Jakubaitis, Lighting Operator

2019 Elgin Literary Festival Revival

Hosted at the Hemmens Cultural Center, Organized by Side Street Studio Arts

January 2019


  • Johnny Hohman

  • Ian SamsamiJo

  • Cameron Tucker

  • Amaria Von Dran

  • Greg Waldyn

  • Katrina Plonczynski

  • Mikkel Knutson

  • Rachel Stevens


  • Erika Knutson, Technical Director

  • Mitch Holland, Sounder Operator

  • Hemmens Crew, Lighting Operators