Our Educational Philosophy

In alignment with Goodly's philosophy that a great artist is a well-rounded one, Goodly Creatures Theatre offers a variety of classes designed to encourage creativity, confidence, and freedom within our artists and the Elgin community. 

The characteristics that make a good artist are not unlike the characteristics that make a person a good human being. Such characteristics include:

  • Finding and embracing one's voice

  • Feeling comfortable in one's own skin

  • Feeling and expressing empathy and compassion

  • Living for a purpose, a cause that one cares deeply about

  • Forgiving oneself for mistakes, and growing from them

  • Recognizing the Divine Light within ourselves and everyone else that makes us unique, and a part of making this world a better place

Just the pursuit of these ideals make us better, happier, and more creative people. 

As such, Goodly provides not only acting lessons for the determined artist, but yoga classes for the artist and general public.

Please refer to our Acting Lessons and Yoga Lessons pages for more details.