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Collaborative Workshop & Discussion Group

Join us for our Summer Session, June through August! All workshops take place at Sugar and Rhyme Coffeehouse from 7pm to 9pm. Bring something "half baked," such as a monologue, a script you're writing, or audition materials for feedback from the group. We ask that you register ahead of time, but walk-ins are welcome! Admission is pay-what-you-can (see below).

Note: You are not required to bring something "half baked" to attend.

Hosted by Sugar & Rhyme Coffeehouse
203 E Chicago St, Elgin, IL 60120


Led by Katrina Syrris, Founder & Artistic Director of Goodly Creatures Theatre

June 28th

Work/Life/Art Balance

Balancing the demands of our art can be difficult when weighed with the demands of life and day-jobs. Learn and discuss strategies for success in all three!

July 26th

Creative Thinking:

Writers aren't the only ones to experience creative "blocks." Learn and discuss strategies to be more creative, and generate new ideas, even in creative droughts.

August 30th

Promote Yourself:

Whether it be in marketing efforts, or business negotiations, learn and discuss how to be more confident, and promote yourself and your work!

Discussing the personal side of artistic expression...

Our workshops are dedicated to exploring the personal, psychological, and emotional factors involved in the act of creation and performance. 

Whether you're an actor, a dancer, a singer, a painter, or a professional looking for a new perspective, our workshop series is relevant to you! 

Our presentations include research-based solutions and insights derived from cited sources, as well as helpful anecdotes and the thought-provoking experiences of our attendees. This isn't a typical professional development workshop. The issues we discuss and the solutions we discover apply to every aspect of our lives.

Meet the Speaker

Katrina Syrris

Katrina brings over 20 years of experience in the theatre to the table to create workshops that apply not only to performance, but also to life. Katrina has been an actor, director, producer, playwright, and even standup. She has taught drama to students of all ages, and coaches adult performers through acting lessons at Goodly.

Katrina has been an entrepreneur for the last five years since the founding of Goodly, while also working as a digital marketing professional, leading workshops and webinars across the Chicagoland area. You can learn more about Katrina on our "About" Page.


Katrina hosts "Half Baked" to inspire our arts community to work on solutions to common problems together.

Past workshops have included "Rejection is Your Best Friend," "Mindfulness and Performance," and "The Comparison Trap." 

If you would like to bring our Performance Workshops to your company, please contact

Meet Our Host

Sugar & Rhyme Coffehouse

Real food, from scratch, and baked every day!

  • Sugar and Rhyme is a cozy cafe in the heart of downtown Elgin, directly across from the free parking garage off of Chicago Street. 

  • A variety of coffee, tea, and snack options are available for purchase at every workshop.

  • Visit their website:

  • Follow them on social media: @sugarandrhymecoffeehouse

Pay What You Can

Goodly Creatures Workshops endeavor to be accessible to everyone regardless of income.


For our Half Baked Series, we ask for a $5 suggested donation to help us continue to offer educational content at an affordable rate for our community. Funds collected go directly towards Goodly operational and production costs including technical equipment, stipends for all our actors, crew members, and interns, and other operational costs. 

In the drop down menu from PayPal, you can choose between four levels of contribution:

  • Thank you! - $5

  • Thanks a lot! - $10

  • Mind Blown! - $15

  • Life Changing! - $20

Thank you for your contribution!

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, or would like to know when workshops become publicly available, please email with the subject line "Workshop Inquiry," or "Workshop Request." If you would like more information, or to schedule your consultation, please call Katrina Syrris at our number (224) 465-0451.

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