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Goodly in the News

Leadership Award

Thirty-six women leaders in eight categories have been nominated this year for these prestigious awards. Katrina Syrris was nominated for the Margaret Hillis Award for the Arts.

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The Daily Herald

Goodly Creatures Theatre wins first place in Kane County Chronicle's Reader's Choice Awards for the Best Live Theatre in 2023.


Best of the Fox

Goodly Creatures Theatre wins first place in Kane County Chronicle's Reader's Choice Awards for the Best Live Theatre in 2022.

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The Daily Herald

Fairies will roam Island Park causing mischief and mayhem at this year's Shakespeare in the Park event in Geneva.


The Daily Herald

Planned Elgin performance pivots to Shakespeare-on-your-screen.

Much Ado Goodly Banner.png

The Daily Herald

Hindsight is 20/20! In this parody of the age-old Christmas classics we know and love, three of our most prized Christmas creatives duke it out for who left the best legacy. Hot buttered rum and other spirits are imbibed and one question remains: When will they get kicked out of Martini's Bar?

Ghosts of Christmas Past 2019.jpeg

The Daily Herald

"Edgar Allan Poe's dark and mysterious poetry comes to the stage to tell the story of modern lives ravaged by loss in "Nevermore," an original adaptation by Goodly Creatures Theatre, which opened last week and runs through Aug. 18 at the Elgin Arts Showcase."

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BRAVO Magazine

"The trust and integrity of the cast and crew are essential to the impact of the storytelling. 'We do this because it's our calling, not because we require applause or accolades,' she continues. 'Art builds a community, and by challenging ourselves to be the best we can be, we elevate our community.'"

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The Daily Herald

"See Shakespeare's sonnets take on a life of their own in a modern interpretation of the language of love.

Goodly Creatures, a new theater company, will tell the story of three couples in 12 sonnets with a modern interpretation on these literary classics..."

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Chicago Tribune

"The Goodly Creatures performance is new this year. The theater group takes Shakespeare sonnets, which can be sometimes difficult to understand, and makes them accessible by putting a different spin on them, Harris said.


'There's an interest in the written word and how people are accessing it,' she said."


The Daily Herald

Previously seen at Stage 773 in Chicago, the Elgin Art Showcase and the Elgin Literary Festival, GCT’s namesake production returns to the stage five years after its debut, bringing to life Shakespeare’s most loved sonnets once again — just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Daily Herald

Shakespeare's comedy "Love's Labour's Lost" will be brought to life in outdoor settings this summer through Shakespeare in the Park performances by Elgin-based Goodly Creatures Theatre.

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The Daily Herald

"This year, you won't just be watching events unfold on Prospero's island; you will also be on the island with us," [Syrris] said. "Our magic will linger long after the play concludes."

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Best of the Fox

Goodly Creatures Theatre wins first place in Kane County Chronicle's Reader's Choice Awards for the Best Live Theatre in 2021.

Best of the Fox Cert. 2021.png

The Daily Herald

Geneva's Shakespeare in the Park goes virtual with 'Much Ado About Nothing.'

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The Elgin Review

"In "Nevermore," the original theatrical adapation of several of Poe's poems, the cast of Goodly Creatures portrays a gang of outsiders with rough exteriors that conceal their complicated consciences. The two act play was written and directed by Katrina Syrris, Founder and Artistic Director of Goodly Creatures, who also appears in a minor role."


The Daily Herald

"The three-day festival will feature a visual art gallery, live music, 10 performances, and a range of workshops, talks, and panels featuring the work and performances of more than 300 artists."

daily herald going dutch.png

The Daily Herald

"I'm very fortunate that in playing this solo role, I'm surrounded by an immensely talented and dedicated team of artists," Syrris said. "Many of us can relate deeply to the isolation felt by Jane, the character based on the experiences of the original author. We feel personally called to tell the story that revolutionized the world of mental health, especially in regard to women."


The Elgin Review

"Though never intended as a theatrical script per se, the sonnets have internal voices that lend themselves to dialogue, and a continuity of subject matter that offers many adaptations to a plot. It's these qualities that make "Goodly Creatures: A Review of Shakespeare's Sonnets for Modern Times" viable as a staged production."


Syrris in the News

Chicago Tribune

"When casting a psychological thriller, actors must have more than just the right look, according to Katrina Syrris, director of The Riverfront Playhouse’s production of 'Rope.'”


Chicago Tribune

"If someone said that the cast of The Riverfront Playhouse's production of 'The Drowning Girls' is all wet, they would be right."


Daily Herald

"'What's so beautiful about this show is that the theme is consistently with every character -- the transformative power of love; love quite literally turns an adversary into an ally,' Syrris said."

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