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Special Events


Goodly is proud of our diligence in authenticity regardless of the project, from full performances to featuring characters for special events, we ensure that every detail is accurate to its source material. A rehearsal process precedes every Goodly appearance. From Graham's Wine and Chocolate Festival in Geneva, to Lit Ladies at the Blue Box Cafe, and our Midsummer preview and Q&A at the Geneva Public Library, our performers and direction is unmatched. This is not just any "character company." We are storytellers!


Geneva Public Library
Summer 2021

Goodly Creatures Theatre coordinated with the Geneva Cultural Arts Commission and the Geneva Public Library to perform a custom preview performance for Geneva's community to learn more about the play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, while also promoting the new library building! Actors performed excerpts in key locations throughout the library, and the performance was concluded with an exclusive Q&A with the cast and crew of the entire production. Audience members were able to meet the cast and get an inside-view into our production and creative process.

For full production info, please see our Midsummer Digital Program.

Graham's 318: Wine & Chocolate Festival
Autumn 2019

Goodly Creatures Theatre collaborated with Graham's 318 in Geneva to provide live entertainment for their annual Wine & Chocolate Festival! Directed by the creator of our Lit Ladies Series, Katrina Syrris, the goddess of chocolate Quetzalcoatl (Veronica Tripp), and god of wine Bacchus (Aaron Hoge), mingled amongst the guests to taste exhilarating combinations of artisan chocolates and fine wines.

Directed with the same diligence as our Lit Ladies Series, our process included thorough research on the deities about their mythology, their cultures of origin, and their history. When quizzed by the attendees, they couldn't be stumped! When combined with improvisation, the attendees enjoyed the deities in their most worldly light.

Blue Box Cafe: Lit Ladies Series
Spring through Autumn 2019

Goodly Creatures Co-Produced the Lit Ladies Series with Blue Box Founder, Chris Mau. An original comedy series created by Katrina Syrris, actors and actresses from throughout the Chicagoland area resurrected the greatest women (and one man!) from the literary and artistic canons. Combined with improv, our performers became experts on their historical figures in order to answer candid questions from the audience for a night of learning and comedy!

From Dido Elizabeth Belle (Eunice Ayodele), Virginia Woolf (Katrina Syrris), Charlotte Brontë (Katie McClatchey), our honorary Oscar Wilde (Justin Green), and others, the Blue Box Cafe transformed into a portal for these literary legends to come to life for one night a month to sip coffee (or tea!) and chat with contemporary audiences about their timeless works and life stories.

Book Us

If you are interested in a custom character or group performance for your next special event, please reach out to with a brief description of your vision. From there, we will reach out for a meeting time or phone call to get the creative process started! Free quotes are provided once an overview of the scope of the project is discussed. You may also use our Contact Form. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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