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Love's Labour's Lost

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William Shakespeare's

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Show Synopsis 

The play begins with four scholars in the French kingdom of Navarre, led by the King Ferdinand, and including his fellow academics Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine. They make a vow to further their studies by dedicating themselves wholly to academia while swearing off the company of women through a harsh kingdom-wide edict. No man shall be in the company of a woman, and that rule applies even to the jester, Costard, who swiftly breaks the rules with the beguiling Jaquenetta.  Don Armado, a loquacious Spaniard, is tasked with punishing Costard, but his own affections get the better of him when he also falls in love with the same woman. To add insult to injury, he asks Costard to deliver his love letter to her on his behalf.

The King and his men find it exceedingly difficult to keep their oaths when the Princess of France arrives on an embassy trip with her four beautiful companions, Rosaline, Katherine, Maria, and their attending lord, Boyet, who serves as a liaison between the men and women. They find that, due to the King’s edict, they are to be lodged on the grounds of the Kingdom in tents to prevent them from entering. In spite of this slight, they stay, and the King grants them their meeting. This meeting on “mere necessity” proves damning when all four of the scholars fall in love with the Princess’ ladies, and even the King grows smitten with the Princess herself. Berowne asks Costard to deliver a love letter to Rosaline, but Costard mixes his two deliveries up, and ends up revealing Don Armado’s affections to Rosaline, and Berowne’s affections to Jaquenetta. Word of the lovers travels fast!

Meanwhile, the kingdom’s schoolmaster (Holofernes), the parson (Nathaniel), and Don Armado cook up a plan to entertain the visiting nobles with a performance of the “Nine Worthies,” enlisting the help of Costard and Armado’s page, Moth.

In a moment of vulnerability and assumed privacy, each man reveals his love for each woman without realizing they are being watched by the wily Berowne, and must confess that they have all broken their vows. Berowne, in an act of eloquence, helps the men to realize the necessity of relationships with women, and once convinced, the men decide to woo the ladies. At first they try to court them in disguise, but fail miserably, when the women, once made aware of their silly plan, also disguise themselves. Not knowing who is who, each man swears his love to the wrong woman, and when they return as themselves, their prank is revealed, and they must woo with even more finesse than before. Happily, it works to an extent, and they join together to enjoy the play presented by Holofernes and his players.

The play is interrupted by a messenger, Marcade, who announces that the Princess, and her ladies, must depart due to urgent news back home. Without a marriage, this play ends distinctly from Shakespeare’s other comedies. Rather than a tidy conclusion, the men are tasked by the women to prove their love with different opportunities for personal growth assigned to each of them for the duration of a year. When the ladies return, and on the condition that the mens’ promises have been kept, they may be reunited and married in twelve month’s time! For more information about the show visit

Director's Note

Directing Love’s Labour’s Lost has been a delightful endeavor! The script is rich with word-play, the characters are dynamic and funny, and the message is timely for us today. 

Key themes include gender relations, and classism, approached by Shakespeare with a keen eye for comedy, a fantastic vehicle for social commentary. For every man who underestimates a woman, there is a woman to prove his assumptions wrong. Lessons are learned by each and every character from Berowne, a self-admitted critic of love, who experiences a meeting-of-minds with the beautiful Rosaline, to Holofernes, the pompous pseudo-intellectual who finds himself harshly humbled by the end of the play. 


At the heart of the show is not a criticism of intellectualism, but rather a criticism of the “all or nothing” mentality that typically accompanies it. Without human connection, our lives are made bereft of joy, and meaning. Without connection, “none at all [...] proves excellent.” As for women, who are seen by the men as distractions at the beginning of the show, their value is discovered upon falling in love, encouraging the men to see women in a different light, as evidenced by Berowne’s change of heart: “From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive. / They sparkle still the right Promethean fire. / They are the books, the arts, the academes / That show, contain, and nourish all the world. / Else none at all in ought proves excellent.” 


I have so much gratitude for our cast and crew this year, who have made this show come to life in exciting ways, and who have been an absolute joy to work with. I am incredibly grateful for the support of the communities we serve, and for you! Your love and support of the arts is a boon to our theatre, our community, and our society as a whole! Thank you, and enjoy the show!


Katrina Syrris
Producer, Director, & Technical Director

Cast and Crew

Cast & Crew

Holly Bud

Holly Bud

Show Logo Artist

Holly Bud is a self-trained artist based in Elgin, IL. They have a love for art, film and music and likes to use them as inspiration when they works on commissions. Holly Bud works in mixed media, gouache and digital art. Shakespeare has always been a mystery to them, especially when they consider how one man could shape the English language with powerful storytelling. They are thrilled to offer their creativity to this production and share their love of Shakespeare's works with you through their art. Follow them on Instagram @hollybud29.

Cast & Crew

Nathan Chesterfield_edited.png

Nathan Chesterfield


Nathan is thrilled to be playing the lord Longaville in this year's production of Love's Labour's Lost. He has previously acted with Goodly Creatures as Sebastian in The Tempest, as various roles in "Pop-Up Shakespeare" at Inspired Elgin, and as Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and now works with Goodly Creatures year-round as a member of the Advisory Board. He would like to thank his friends and family for being so supportive of his acting, and to Katrina for continuing to give him opportunities to take the stage.

Cast & Crew

BZ9A0370 - Wyatt DeLair.jpg

Wyatt DeLair


Wyatt DeLair is thrilled to be apart of his 2nd Goodly Creatures production, playing the role of Dumaine. He is a recent 2023 graduate from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. His past roles include Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing and Ferdinand in the Tempest. Keep a look out for his newest short film, In Your Shoes, set to be released in the fall. Wyatt would love to thank his mom, dad, his siblings Jake, Chloe, and Wyley, and his Quinn for supporting him on his acting journey. Enjoy the show! 
Instagram: @Wyatt.DeLair

Cast & Crew

steve delaney hs.jpeg

Steve Delaney

Don Armado

Steve Delaney is proud to perform in his third show for Goodly Creatures Theatre.  Past Goodly performances include The Tempest (Prospero) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (Bottom).  For Independent Players, he has performed in Camille (Armand), The Government Inspector (Bobchinsky), Waiting For Godot (Pozzo), Our Town (Howie Newsome) and The Play’s the Thing (Albert Adam).  For WT Productions, he has performed in three of the Seasonal-series holiday shows. Other stage credits include The Polar Express (Conductor) at the Fox River Trolley Museum, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Oberon) for Shakespeare on Clark at the Centre, Wait Until Dark (Mike Talman) for Elgin Theatre Company, and Of Mice and Men (Carlson), Stuart Little (Father), and numerous murder mysteries and playwright festivals at Vero Voce Theatre. Steve graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a BA in Theater.

Cast & Crew

BE6B36ED-E06E-49A1-A922-3CB5EBFEC6B1 - Aaron Delaney.jpeg

Aaron Delaney

Nathaniel/ Lord/ Forester

Aaron is delighted to return for his second season at Goodly Creatures! You may have seen him last year as Francisco and the Master of the Ship in The Tempest at Goodly, or more recently as Don Price in Big Fish and Arpad in She Loves Me at UCL MTSoc. Other notable roles include Cinderella’s Prince in Into the Woods and the Writer in The Good Doctor at STCE Drama Club, and Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief at Vero Voce.

Cast & Crew

dorothea delaney.png

Dorothea Delaney

Props & Tech

Dorothea Delaney is delighted to return to Goodly Creatures for a second season.  She was last seen as Iris in Goodly's production of The Tempest. Other notable roles include Troy Bolton in High School Musical (Vero Voce), Hero Boy in The Polar Express (Fox Valley Trolley Museum), Boy in Waiting for Godot (Independent Players), and Pepper in Annie Jr. (Marquee Theatre). Thea also enjoys playing bass and tuba at school and bass for the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Cast & Crew

TessaDougherty Headshot - Tessa “Tessa's Takes” Dougherty.jpg

Tessa Dougherty


Tessa Dougherty attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she received her BA in Acting. She is a graduate of The Conservatory Program at The Second City and recent graduate of The Fundamentals of Acting Course at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She recently performed as Rosalind in As You Like It at Boston's Commonwealth Shakespeare Co., and can currently be seen in Chicago in Drunk Shakespeare as Lady Macbeth.  Pre-covid, she performed in a recurring show A Family Affair at The Second City, IO Theatre, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Tessa would like to thank her family for their love and support and dedicates all of her performances to the memory of her late grandmother, Nanny, who instilled in her a love for theatre. Tessa currently resides in Chicago.

Cast & Crew

KAD_4569 - Kristina Drendel.jpg

Kristina Drendel


Kristina Drendel is thrilled to be back performing with Goodly Creatures as the Princess. She was previously seen with Goodly in the Tempest and "Pop-Up Shakespeare" at Inspired Elgin. She has also worked with other Chicagoland theatres such as Canterbury Summer Theatre, Chicago Kids Company, and Paradox Theatre Works. She graduated in 2021 with a BA in Musical Theatre from Columbia College Chicago and also recently finished her MA in English at Arizona State University. She would like to thank her partner, Hanson, and everyone who has supported her in her pursuits. 

Cast & Crew


Libby Einterz


Libby Einterz is thrilled to be a part of her first Goodly Creatures production. She is a member of the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission, and can occasionally be found onstage having performed in Next Fall at Albright Community Theatre, A Piece of My Heart at Elgin Theatre Company, and at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. In her spare time Libby enjoys gardening, beekeeping, and cuddling with her furbabies.

Cast & Crew

esparza-258-edit_WEB - cynthia esparza.jpg

Cynthia Esparza


Cynthia is excited to join the cast of Love's Labour's Lost, as well as to make her debut with Goodly Creatures! She obtained her BFA in Acting from University of Illinois at Chicago. Some of her favorite credits include Love/Sick, Summer and Smoke, Dry Land, and Electricidad. She'd like to thank the cast and crew for welcoming her with open arms and creating a memorable experience, as well as her wonderful fiancé Richie for all his love and support. Cynthia is represented by 10 Talent. 

Cast & Crew

20230612_184014 - Justin Green.jpg

Justin Green


Justin Green is very excited to be performing Berowne! This is his third year performing Summer Shakespeare with Goodly, previously appearing as Trinculo in The Tempest and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream. He also works with Goodly year-round as a member of the Advisory Board. He would like to dedicate this show to his friends and family!

Cast & Crew

ESS02522 - Brock Hayden.jpg

Brock Hayden

Text Coach & Male Swing

Brock is thrilled to be returning to Goodly this summer. In addition to being a Shakespeare fanatic, Brock is also a Chicago Actor and Theatre Artist. Brock was last seen on the Goodly Creatures stage as Stephano in The Tempest. Brock's extensive research on this show serves him well, as he is not only our Text Coach, helping our entire cast with verse work, poetic device, and literary analysis, but he is also the Swing for Berowne and cover for our male characters. You can see Brock later this summer as Lurch in Uptown Music Theatre Highland Park's production of The Addams Family. Thank you for coming to support accessible theatre in your community this summer! Brock hopes you'll become lifelong Shakespeare fans, too, after seeing our show!

Cast & Crew


Kat Kazumura


Kat is over the moon to make her Goodly Creatures debut this summer! She's an artist with a BA in animation, a 12-year acting veteran of Fright Fest, and a content creator. She's affiliated with the streaming platform Twitch where she plays games and creates various forms of art live. She would like to thank her loved ones for the roles they played to help her get here.

For more information, follow her streams at 

Cast & Crew

Headshot, Fiona Lazzari.jpg

Fiona Lazzari


Fiona Lazzari (she/her/hers) is delighted to be making her Goodly Creatures debut playing Jaquenetta in Love's Labours Lost! Fiona has just graduated with a BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University. Some of her previous credits include Ursula in Much Ado About Nothing (Illinois Wesleyan University), Sumner in Men on Boats (Illinois Wesleyan University), and Mrs. Phelps in Matilda (Dancewerks). You can also find Fiona at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this summer where she is part of the Bristol Buskin Frolic for her third season. Fiona would like to thank her ever supportive family and hope that you enjoy the show!

Cast & Crew

xolin media logo.jpeg

Colin Lenehan 

Sound Engineer

Xolin Media is a Chicago-based multimedia company of Colin Lenehan.
Colin has loved music ever since his introduction to piano at the age of 6 and cello at 11. He produced his first album as a high school sophomore in 2002 under the pseudonym "Xolin" (pronounced ZOL-in). Since then, Colin has self-produced 6 additional albums. After graduating from high school in 2005, Colin lived with a host family in Costa Rica while volunteering at a butterfly farm from February to August 2006. Within the first three months of total immersion, he was conversationally fluent in Spanish. While attending Columbia College Chicago, Colin acquired a myriad of audio skills, including microphone placement and effective music mixing. Thanks to a summer internship with a local film company, he also discovered a passion for film sound, both location and post.

Cast & Crew

headshot. 9.7 - Jackie McBride.png

Jacquelyn McBride

Moth & Jaquenetta Swing

Jackie McBride is so excited to participate in her first show with Goodly Creatures Theatre! Recently graduated with a BA in Theatre from UIC, she's so grateful to be a part of Love Labour’s Lost as her first professional show. The cast and crew have been amazing to work with and hopes to work with them again in the future. She'd like to thank her family, friends, and boyfriend for their enormous support in this production. @jacquelynruthmcbride

Cast & Crew

McQuistion_Evin-094-edit_web - Evin McQuistion.jpg

Evin McQuistion

King Ferdinand of Navarre

Evin is elated to return to Goodly Creatures after last year's production of The Tempest. Evin has worked with companies such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival (Much Ado About Nothing), Redtwist Theatre (Antigone), Glass Apple Theatre (Orson Welles' Dracula, When All Of This Is Over), Edge of the Wood Theatre (The Crucible), and Three Brothers Theatre (Muffed). He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from East Tennessee State University hanging up on the wall of his childhood bedroom in Appleton, Wisconsin and a cat named Hippolyta in his apartment in Chicago.

Cast & Crew

IMG_0062 - Joanna Mikosz.jpeg

Joanna Mikosz

Maria & Katherine Swing

Joanna is thrilled to be making her Goodly Creatures debut! After quite a break from theatre, she’s excited to be diving back in, especially with a Shakespeare comedy. Past favorite roles include Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest (Harper College), May in Samuel Beckett’s Footfalls (University of Glasgow), and Julie in Missing Peace (Play-in-a-Day Festival). She would like to send thanks and love to her friends and family for their never ending support, and gratitude to Katrina and the rest of the cast for an amazing opportunity!

Cast & Crew

Carly Nadeau Headshot.JPG

Carly Nadeau


Carly is excited to be making her post-grad performing debut with Goodly Creatures this summer! Most recently, she has acted in and directed productions at Boston Conservatory (Candide, Bakkhai, and new work Here or There), from which she received her degree in Musical Theatre. She would like to thank all of the wonderful people in her life that have supported her crazy dreams through thick and thin. Website:

Cast & Crew

Erin O'Brien Headshot (5) (2) - Erin O'Brien.jpg

Erin O'Brien

Princess & Rosaline Swing

Erin earned her B.A. in Theatre from Millikin University. She has a diverse background in the performing arts as a performer, costumer, voiceover artist, teacher, director and more! Onstage credits include: A CHRISTMAS CAROL: A PANTOMIME (Sid Spectre); VANYA & SONIA... (Cassandra); THE LITTLE MERMAID (Andrina); SHREK (Peter Pan); AVENUE Q (Mrs. Thistletwat); ANTIGONE (Antigone). Costuming credits include: IN THE HEIGHTS, 42ND STREET and A FEW GOOD MEN. Erin would like to thank her husband for his support and encouragement.

Cast & Crew

t ochocinski.jpg

Tom Ochocinski

Costard the Jester

This is Tom's third time on stage with Goodly Creatures. He has also appeared in a number of other theaters in the Chicago area.  Recently he played Henry in the Paradox Theatre production of Fantasticks and was privileged to appear as an understudy in four performances of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater's production of As You Like It.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the cast and crew of Love's Labour's Lost and thanks his Director Katrina for this opportunity.  He also thanks his family, Robin, Dennis and Jeff for their support and love.

Cast & Crew


Cameron Rathjen

Stage Manager, Set & Props Designer, Dull Swing

Cameron is thrilled to work with Goodly again for a second season! With an academic and professional background in the sciences, Cameron is excited to have the opportunity to work on creative pursuits. Cameron is a hobby enthusiast with a passion for creating things. After renovating his entire house, Cameron has dabbled in hobbies ranging from rug-making, to blacksmithing. He is excited to put his passions to good use for this production. He hopes you enjoy the show! Follow Cameron's crafting adventures on Instagram: @cameronrathjenarts

He would like to thank his friends and family for their love and support, and his fiancé, Katrina, for bringing him along for this adventure!

Cast & Crew

Nikolai Sorokin Headshot - Nikolai Sorokin.jpg

Nikolai Sororkin


Nikolai Sorokin (Boyet) is an actor and singer based in Wheaton. Some of his favorite past credits include Charlie Brown (You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown), Algernon Moncreiff (The Importance of Being Earnest), Seymour Krelborn (Little Shop of Horrors), and Fenton (The Merry Wives of Windsor). To see more of his vocal performances, visit his Instagram @nikanasor! He hopes you enjoy the show!

Cast & Crew

Head Shot - Norman Read.jpg

Norman Read


Norm is excited to join Goodly Creatures' production of Love's Labour's Lost, and working with this talented cast and crew.  Past Shakespearean roles include Duke Theseus and Egeus in productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Antonio in Much Ado About Nothing.  Other favorite past roles include Henry II in The Lion in Winter and Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.  Norm thanks his lovely wife Winifred for her patience and support.

Cast & Crew

James Syrris

James Syrris

Production Crew

James is proud to return to Goodly as part of the crew. James helped with props last year for The Tempest, and, the year prior, James returned to the stage as Snout the Tinker in Goodly Creatures' production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, after a fifty-year hiatus since his last appearance as a solider in his high school's production of Coriolanus. In those past fifty years, he has since worked as a set builder for the Minnesota Opera House, "played chauffer" to a young actress named Katrina before she got her license, and built sets for Goodly Creatures Theatre and others. His favorite role of all time has been that of Dad. He sends love to his wife, son, and of course, Katrina, for their love and support.

Cast & Crew

Katrina Syrris

Katrina Syrris

Producer, Director & Technical Director

Katrina feels immense gratitude to her cast, crew, friends, and family for making this show possible! Playwright and director, Katrina has written and produced original plays for Goodly Creatures including Ghosts of Christmas Past (Or, Dickens, Capra, and Seuss Walk Into A Bar), Nevermore, and Goodly Creatures: A Review of Shakespeare's Sonnets for Modern Times, as well as Goodly's virtual mini-series Ghastly Creatures (available on YouTube). Other directing credits include The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Yellow Wallpaper, Rope, Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like It. As an actress, Katrina has been nominated for Best Actress on Broadway World Chicago for her portrayal of Alice in The Drowning Girls with the Riverfront Playhouse. Other notable roles include Marya in The Government Inspector (Independent Players), Woman #3 in The Big Meal (Independent Players), Annie in Over the Tavern (Fox Valley Repertory), and Gabriella in Boeing Boeing (Riverfront Playhouse). As the inspiration strikes her, you may also find her performing original standup comedy at the Martin Room in Elgin. She has served on the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission since March of 2019, and is passionate about providing local artists with professional opportunities in our great suburbs!

She'd like to give a shout-out to her fiancé, Cameron, for coming along for this adventure!

Cast & Crew

headshot2 - Carl Zeitler.jpeg

Carl Zeitler

Constable Dull & Marcade

Carl is excited to make his debut with Goodly Creatures. He thanks Katrina for the opportunity and for her fine direction. Carl is fortunate to work with such a talented cast and crew on this production. Carl has worn a variety of theatrical hats at numerous Chicagoland theatres since 2003, including acting, writing, producing, directing, stage managing, costume design, and publicity/marketing. Some of his favorite onstage roles include "Rumors" (Lenny), "Closer" (Dan), "Of Mice and Men" (Lennie), "The House of Yes" (Anthony), "Ravenscroft" (Ruffing), "Boy Gets Girl" (Tony), "Over the River and Through the Woods" (Nick), "Cupid Must Die!" (Grim Reaper), and the title roles in "Macbeth" and "Dracula." Carl is a co-founder of WT Productions. Check out their website at Enjoy the show!

Special Thanks

Lark Syrris

Gail Gaboda & The Geneva Cultural Arts Commission

Amanda Harris & The Elgin Cultural Arts Commission

Magan Ascher, Laura Sears & Cantigny Park

Beth Waller & Schaumburg Park District

Tom Hokenson & ETC Coworking Space in Downtown Elgin

Ben Elder & Sweetwater Tech

Pat Henderson & Sugar and Rhyme Coffeehouse

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