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An Ideal Husband

By Oscar Wilde

Performed at the Elgin Art Showcase

February 2020


Greg Waldyn (Robert Chiltern), Valerie DeGroot (Lady Chiltern), Jamie Ewing (Lord Goring), Katie McClatchey (Lady Chevely), Olivia Kaye Losoya (Countess of Basildon, U/S Lady Chiltern), Saraline Singer (Mrs. Marchmont, Assistant Stage Manager), Nate Soesbe (Phipps, Mason, James, Harold), Ryan Yagoda (Vicomte de Nanjac), Tom Viskocil (The Earl of Caversham), Rachel Metcalfe (Mabel Chiltern), Justin Green (Mr. Montford), Rachel Stevens (Director, U/S Countess of Basildon)


Rachel Stevens (Director, U/S Countess of Basildon), Saraline Singer (Stage Manager), Katrina Syrris (Producer), Jack Cannon (Lighting Designer), James Syrris (Crew)


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